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25 When creating an assay, I cannot progress beyond the step for entering concentration values
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20-08-07 Assay Manager
[STarStation 2.0][STarStation 2.3]

The error message displayed appears as shown below

STarStation validates numeric values using English Language Number settings. For example the number 1,234.56 has a period(.) for the decimal symbol and a comma as the digit grouping symbol. The number system for most European regions in Windows 2000 regional options uses a period as the digit grouping symbol and a comma set for the decimal symbol, i.e. 1.234,56.

If STarStation is used on a computer that has the windows regional options set for any region other than English, data input into STarSTation may not be recognised as valid.

Regional options may be changed in windows 2000/XP as needed using the procedure outlined below.

To correct this you will need to modify the language settings on your PC.

1) From the start button select Settings->Control Panel.

2) Select the Regional and Language Options from the Control Panel.

3) Select the Customize button from the regional options tab.

4) On the Numbers Tab:

a) ensure that the Decimal Symbol is set to the period or full stop symbol (".").

b) ensure that the digit grouping symbol is set to comma ","

c) ensure that the List separator symbol is set to comma ","

5) STarStation must be closed at the time the regional setting modifications are made, in order for new settings to take effect.

6) Click Apply to change the settings.

7) Restart STarStation and repeat the entry of the multiplex assay details in the Assay Manager.

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