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Technote #
4 Calibration fails to initialise what should I do?
Date Updated Category
17-08-07 Calibration / Control Verification
[STarStation 2.0]


ACS have experienced problems with the calibration process in STarStation version 2.0 failing to start (this is indicated by the CAL1 and CAL2 progress bars on the calibrate tab not "progressing" and the event rate indicator on the status bar at the bottom of the screen not being activated).

ACS have identified that the STarStation 2.0 Reagent Manager database which stores the target values to be the root cause of the issue. Note this issue does not affect calibration performed by Luminex IS software.

If the calibration process fails to intialize, follow the steps below to resolve this issue:

a) try entering the details for the microsphere lot that is causing the problems into the Reagent Manager again, the assumption here is that one or more of the entries for this lot are somehow corrupt in the database and cannot be read correctly when the system tries to start .

Note even if the information for the affected lot appears to be OK you should enter the target values again.

Launch the Reagent Manager

on the Managers Toolbar in the Worklist Tab.


< Click the Calibration tab.

-To enter CAL1 or CAL2 target values, first select the affected Lot.

-Click the Amend button to modify the values. When finished Click the OK button and the close the Reagent Manager, this should fix the entry in the Reagent Manager Database.

- Attempt to calibrate again using the lot which previously caused calibration to not start correctly.

b) if the problem is not resolved after following the steps outlined in part a), then the entire database file is corrupt

To resolve this problem, simply click here to download a new database

- Before progressing, ensure that STarStation software is not running.

-When you have downloaded this replacement database file, unzip the contents and copy to your STarStation folder (the default location for the database is in the folder C:\Program Files\Applied Cytometry Systems\STarStation 2.0). You should rename the existing database file (STarStationQC.mdb) to something like STarStationQCOLD.mdb

- Start STarStation and attempt recalibration.

If calibration starts correctly but this but then fails, refer to Technote #6 for troubleshooting