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4 Calibration History has not updated in the Luminex Library Log file
Date Updated Category
17-08-07 Calibration / Control Verification
[STarStation 2.0]

Administrative rights are required to install and uninstall STarStation. All STarStation users must be set up as Power Users in Windows 2000 to perform Calibrations or act as the STarStation Administrator.

Without the necessary operating system access priveliges StarStation cannot successfully perform calibration , control verfication (IS systems only) or correctly save acquisition data to the users STarStation samples directory.

You must have either Power User or Admin access to the operating system when you log on to perform calibrations and to run assays.
STarSTation software checks for this at startup and displays a warning message as shown below

ACS are aware of situations were folder access can be modified to deny write access to certain folders that STarStation 2.0 requires access to , despite the user having Power User priveliges.

Access to the following folder locations are required for calibration information to be saved on the system.

a) C:\Program Files\Luminex\LXRLibrary\Data\Calibration.dat
b) C:\Program Files\Luminex\LXRLibrary\Log

c) C:\Program Files\Applied Cytometry Systems\STarStation 2.0\

d) The registry

The write access status of the above folders can be tested by attempting to create a new text doxument within the folder. If the correct user account setting is not enfoced, a warning will be displayed.

To test the write access status of the registry perform the following steps.

a) Press the windows Start button and select the RUN option

b) type regedit in the run dialog and press the OK button

c) The registry editor launches

Select the Key shown above and right mouse click and attempt to create a New String Value. If you do not possess write access to the registry a warning will be displayed.

If for example the laser warmup indicator remains in the sleeping state following a warmup this indicates that the necessary write access permissions to the registry and/or folders is not available. Contact your local network administrator and get them to apply/reapply Power User or Administrator access priveliges to your account on the PC connected to the Luminex instrument.

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