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9 Control Verification Overview
Date Updated Category
17-08-07 Calibration/ Control Verification
[STarStation 2.0] [STarStation 2.3]

Control beads (L100-CON1 and L100-CON2) are used on the Luminex system (excluding the 1.7 version)

CON1 beads (classification control) are used to verify the bead classification function. CON1 reagent is a mixture of beads with 5 different colour codes that are selected to be on the periphery of the bead map. The bead numbers used are 6,21,73,81 and 96

CON2 beads (reporter control) are used to check the reporter channel response over the dynamic range of the instrument. CON2 reagent is a mixture of 4 beads with different concentrations of a RP1 proprietary dye giving a 3 decade dynamic range and sensitivity check.

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