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3 Instrument is attempting to Pressurize continuously
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16-08-07 Clogs / Leaks / Pressure
[STarStation 2.0] [STarStation 2.3]

1. Normal air and sheath pressures are in the range 6-9psi. If the instrument is having problems pressurizing, the message "pressurizing" will appear in the instrument status bar in the STarStation software.

2. If using the sheath bottle, check that the sheath cap is tightened, the sheath bottle should not be filled above the designated indicator line.

3. Verify that the regulators on the SD system have been adjusted correct. Please refer to the SD appendix in the Luminex User Manual.

4. Check that the waste and sheath lines are connected correctly to the side of LX100/200.

5. Inspect fittings for leaks or cracks

6. Check the sample tubing is connected correctly to the sample arm below the blue light on the cytometer.

When the LX 100/200 is switched on does the compressor engage? It sounds like a low grumbling noise at first and then turns off automatically after the instrument pressurizes.

7. If the compressor is engaging , it may be that the system is pressurizing but the air pressure sensor on the analog board is not functioning correctly. Test this by performing a prime ,notice whether the sheath pressure builds up without the air pressure increasing. At the end of the prime, loosen the sheath cap and listen for air escaping . If air is escaping, the system successfully builds pressure and the problem is most likely with the sensor.

8. If pressure is not building up in the system, disconnect the sheath delivery system or bottle (whichever is connected), run a prime and notice whether air pressure builds. If so, the air leak is localized in the sheath bottle or SD.

Reconnect the sheath bottle and attempt a prime command, if successful the problem most likely resides in a pressure leak within the SD system tubing.

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