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16 How many events should be collected during acquisition
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17-08-07 Data Acquisition
[STarStation 2.0][STarStation 2.3]

When designing your experiments, standard statistical procedures should be followed to ensure that the necessary resolution is attained to provide you with the answers to your experimental questions. In determining how many microsphere events to collect in your sampling, keep in mind that the output of the assay is median fluorescence determined from the sampled microspheres. Carson and Vignali (CARSON, R. T., and D. A. A. VIGNALI, 1999 Simultaneous quantitation of 15 cytokines using a multiplexed flow cytometric assay. Journal of Immunological Methods) compared results of four different cytokine assays with data collected from 100, 200 and 400 microspheres per cytokine standard concentration. From the comparison, they concluded (pages 46-47); "The data derived from as few as 100 beads per cytokine assay was sufficient to obtain accurate results. While all subsequent data presented here represent the collection of approximately 100 events per cytokine per sample, comparable results from fewer events may be possible". You may want to carry out a similar study with your system to determine the optimal number of events to collect.

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