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18 Post acquisition purge of sheath fluid
Date Updated Category
17-08-07 Data Acquisition
[STarStation 2.0][STarStation 2.3]

There are two separate fluidic paths in the Luminex™ Analyzer . The first path comprises a syringe-driven mechanism that precisely controls sample uptake, allowing small, user-defined volumes to be sampled and transported to the sample loop.
From the sample loop, sample is steadily released into a stream of sheath fluid in the second fluid pathway, and carried to the measurement cuvette. The sample beads, suspended in sheath fluid, pass under pressure through the measurement cuvette. The sample injection rate and narrow sample path ensure that each bead is individually irradiated. After analysis has taken place, the sample path is automatically purged with sheath fluid. The second pathway is driven by positive air pressure and supplies fluid to the measurement cuvette. After measurement, the path taken by the sample is purged with sheath fluid, ensuring the removal of residual sample in the tubing, valves, and measurement cuvette. Approximately 160µl of fluid is added back to the well.

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