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13 How do I remove air from the system?
Date Updated Category
17-08-07 Data Acquisition
[STarStation 2.0][STarStation 2.3]

Air interferes with the sample stream in which the microspheres are read, causing a variety of possible issues.

1) The histogram peak may appear abnormally wide

2) An additional peak may be seen to the right of the histogram

3) Additional “events” may be seen in the lower left region of the classifier plot and/or events may be slow to appear or nonexistent.

To eliminate the acquisition of air and improve your results, follow the steps below.

a) Be sure your probe height is adjusted properly. Click Here Sample Probe Height Adjustment instructions.

b) Verify that the sample volume is at least 25µL greater than the acquisition volume. If you are acquiring 50µL, make sure the wells contain at least 75µL.

c) Check all the fittings, o-rings and connections to the instrument.

d) Look for air in the syringe cylinder and change tip if necessary.

Perform the recommended preventative maintenance/clog troubleshooting procedure- refer to Technote #1

Perform a calibration- events/sec should be approx. 250.

When system passess CAL & CON proceed with acquisition.

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