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24 Can I import data from the Luminex software into STarStation for data analysis?
Date Updated Category
20-08-07 Data Conversion
[STarStation 2.0] [STarStation 2.3]

STarStation employs the use of a proprietary file format based upon xml technology for the storage of all results and system information. This format is incompatible with the output.csv files used by the Luminex Data Collector and IS softwares. STarStation does not allow for the import of data from output.csv files.

It is in consideration that future versions of STarStation may have this capability integrated within the software. In the meantime our customer support team and select reagent partners have access to software that can convert sample data from Luminex output.csv files generated by Luminex data collector version 1.7.69 and Luminex IS system versions 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2. This allows data from these sources to be reported within STarStation.

It is currently not possible to re-analyze (optimize) raw data from the Luminex software since Luminex do not persist the detector data in LMD files or a format that STarStation can recognize.

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