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42 When I import data into Excel, the format is incorrect.
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21-08-07 Excel Add-In
[STarStation 2.0][STarStataion 2.3]

An example of incorrectly formatted data is presented in the figure below


If STarStation is used on a computer that has the windows regional options set for any region other than English, data exported from STarSTation may be exported as text rather than as numeric values. The data set will therefore not be recognised by Excel as containing valid numbers.
Regional options may be changed in windows 2000/XP as needed using the procedure outlined below.

To correct this you will need to modify the language settings on your PC.

1) From the start button select Settings -> Control Panel.

2) Select the Regional and Language Options from the Control Panel.

3) Select the Customize button from the regional options tab.

4) On the Numbers Tab:

a) ensure that the Decimal Symbol is set to the period or full stop symbol (".").

b) Ensure that the digit grouping symbol is set to comma ","

c) Ensure that the List separator symbol is set to comma ","

5) STarStation and Excel must both be closed at the time the regional setting modifications are made, in order for new settings to take effect.

6) Click Apply to change the settings.

7) You should now be open STarStation resave the worklist in the Reports tab and repeat the import of the data into Excel.

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