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46 Error message "A document with the name STarStationImport.xla is already open" is displayed when launching Excel. .
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21-08-07 Excel Add-In
[STarStation 2.0]

If the STarStation Data Import Add-In for Microsoft Excel (STarStationimport.xla) has been upgraded from STarStation 1.1 to 2.0, Microsoft Excel may display the the following error message on start-up.

This is error is due to Excel attempting to load more than copy of the file STarStationImport.xla.

To resolve this issue we must modify settings in the operating system registry (users MUST possess Administrative permissions to modify the registry):

1) Ensure that Excel is not running. Click the Windows Start Button.

2) Select the Run option

3) Type "regedit" in the Open field and click the OK button.

4) The Registry Editor starts.

5) Using the Panel to the left of the editor, navigate to the Key :


please note that the exact key may differ depending upon the version of office which is installed. If there are several keys for different versions of office, the key you need to modify will most probably be the latest version.

6) Only one entry for relating to STarStationImport.xla should exist in the Options folder. Select the OPEN value in the Options folder which refers to the older STarStationImport.xla file ( note this will include a path to the STarSTation folder rather than STarStation 2.0 folder). In the figure above the OPEN4 value should be deleted.

7) Place the Mouse Pointer over the relevant OPEN key, click the right-mouse button to display the following menu.

8) Select the Delete option.

9) When prompted for confirmation of the deletion, press the Yes button.

10) Start Microsoft Excel, the warning message should no longer be displayed.

11) Users Should confirm that the correct STarStationImport Add-In is loaded in the Excel workbook by selecting the Add-Ins option from the Tools Menu.



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