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51 Guidelines for using cell- culture supernatants in assays.
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21-08-07 Sample Preparation
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Cell culture media that contain high levels (more than 30 g/litre) of biotin (e.g., RPMI, which contains 200 g/litre biotin) will compete with biotinylated reporter antibodies for the streptavidinPE reporter molecules. This will result in lower mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) readings and reduced sensitivity. For such media, a wash step must be incorporated into the assay procedure. Supernatants from cells grown in media containing lower amounts of biotin, such as DMEM (no biotin), AIM V (3.5 g/litre), IMDM (13 g/litre), and 10% FBS (3.4 g/litre) can be processed using the Standard Assay Protocol.

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