Technote #
34 The alarm of the Sheath Delivery System is sounding and warning LED is lit
Date Updated Category
20-08-07 System Operation
[STarStation 2.0][STarStation 2.3]

1) The Sheath Delivery System should be placed at the same level as the Luminex 100/200 and the 20L sheath fluid box should be placed 3 feet below the level of the Luminex 100/200. Proper placement of the system will allow the fluidics to operate successfully and prevent problems with the auto-fill function.

2) Check that the 20L box of sheath fluid is not empty. Insert filtered end of sheath intake line into new container and press the PRIME button on front of Sheath Delivery Device.

3) The Sheath Delivery Device is not on a level surface.

4) Filtered end of sheath tube not below level of sheath in 20L box.

5) The Sheath container is not below level of Sheath Delivery Device.

6) The Sheath filter may be clogged. Remove and flush with distilled water.

7) The Sheath Delivery Device may be overfilled. Back flush 6-8 times or until level in Sheath Delivery Device reservoir decreases.

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