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37 STarStation cannot detect the Luminex Instrument
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20-08-07 System Operation
[STarStation 2.0][STarStation 2.3]

There are several reasons why the software is unable to communicate with the Luminex instruments:

1) The Luminex 100/200 or XY platform is not turned on -ensure that both the cytometer and XY platform are switched on. You must power up the instruments before starting STarStation. Close and restart STarStation.

2)The cables connecting the computer to the LX100/200 analyzer or the XY platform may be loose or not connected. Check cables for proper connections/damage.

3)After installation of STarStation and before you can begin using the software for the first time it is important that you configure the software to detect both the XY platform and the LX100/200

In STarStation 2.0 use the LXR configuration utility to configure the software. In STarStation 2.3 use the LX firmware wizard.

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