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26 Following warm-up of the system the 'laser is asleep' icon is indicated
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20-08-07 System Operation
[STarStation 2.0]

The detectors on the STarSystem close down automatically following 4 hours of system inactivity. If the laser status indicator on the system status bar indicates that the laser is asleep rather than ready following the completion of the warmup, this can indicate that you do not have the necessary Power User or Administrator access priveliges to the windows operating system (Access priveliges do not affect Windows 98SE users).

Please consult your IT department or network administrator.

A software utility which allows users to check the write access permissions to folders and registry keys can be downloaded below.

Download AccessEnum utility (.zip file 51Kb)

Screenshots of how the AccessEnum Utility can be used to check the write access status for the registry and folder locations that STarStation requires write access to are shown below.

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