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28 Compatibility of the Luminex IS 2.3 Systems
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20-08-07 System Operation
[STarStation 2.0][STarStation 2.3]

Some customers may be aware of the availability of software and firmware/hardware upgrades from Luminex which upgrade IS systems from versions IS 2.2 and IS 2.1 to IS version 2.3.

Customers should note that STarStation versions 2.0 is NOT compatible with the Luminex Library (LXR) 2.0 control software which ships with this upgrade therefore STarStation 2.0 will not operate with Luminex 100 IS 2.3 or LX200 systems.

STarStation software version 2.3 is now available providing compatibility with Luminex IS 2.3 and LX200 systems.

A pdf copy of Luminex software IS 2.3 Release notes are available here

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