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36 How do I use the LX library Configuration Utility
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20-08-07 System Operation
[STarStation 2.0]

The Luminex Library configuration is installed when the LXR Library is installed. On 1.7 systems the Luminex library should be installed from the STarStation installation CD. Luminex IS 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 systems should have the Luminex library pre-installed (the Luminex Library can be installed via the Luminex IS software installation CD)

Note: it is essential that the correct LXR library version has been installed on your system.

The table below outlines the Luminex Library Version which is required for different instrument configurations (see the table below for guidelines on the recommended LXR Library and Firmware configurations).

LX100 Instrument Version Required LXR Library Version LX100 Firmware XYP Firmware
IS 1.1.71 (IS 2.0) ,1.1.85(IS 2.1),1.2.54(IS 2.2) ,1.1.65 (IS 2.2sp1) 2.X 2.1.5
1.7 1.1.14 1.5.4, 1.5.6 or 1.5.7 (LDS SP1) 1.1.2

Notes: Version 1.1.14 of the Luminex Library is incompatible with IS system firmwares and cannot be used on WINDOWS XP operating systems.

Following installation of the LXR library you will need to run the Configuration Utility to configure the connections between instrument and PC (see instructions below).

Version 1.1.72 of the Luminex libraries are incompatible with the 1.7 version Luminex systems (version 1.1.2 XYP microcontroller firmware and the 1.5.4 , 1.5.6 and 1.5.7 LX100 microcontroller firmwares).

Using the Luminex Library Configuration Utility

The LXR Automatic Configuration Utility is used to configure the connections between STarStation the Luminex Library and the STarSystem LX100 and XYP components.

In some instances the configuration utility does not correctly detect the system components. An example of the appearance of the configuration utility config window following a successful automatic detection is shown below.

If the serial numbers of LX100 or XYP are reported incorrectly in the config window, or the firmware version numbers are not reported for the LX100, LX100 DSP or XYP this can indicate an incorrectly configured Luminex Library.

Often the failure of the automatic detection utility to detect the system components is related to another hardware configuration detail.
If the system PC has a USB-to-serial adaptor or has had an additional Serial communication port (COM) added via a PCI card attached to the motherboard, the detection utility may be unable to automatically configure the connections. In this scenario the manual configuration utility must be used to configure the system components. Follow the instructions below to configure the system connections using the manual configuration utility.

1) From the Windows® operating system Start button select Programs->Luminex->LXR Library->LXR Configuration

2) The Automatic Luminex Configuration Utility starts.

3) Press the Manual Configuration Button.
4) The Manual Configuration Utility starts.

5) Select the LX100 and XYP communication settings which correspond with your specific setup. The default connections for the LX100 and XYP are COM1 and COM2 respectively (see below). Note however that the numbers assigned to the COM ports on your PC may differ. To determine which COM ports are available on your PC follow the additional instructions below.

6) Start the Windows® operating system Control panel by selecting the Control Panel option from the Start->Settings-> Control Panel.

7) When the Control Panel starts select the System Applet.

8) The System Properties dialog is displayed, select the Hardware tab.

9) Click the Device Manager Button.
10) The Device Manager is displayed.

Ensure that the Devices by type option is enabled in the View Menu.

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