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40 How do I adjust the Sample Probe Height on a LX100/200
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20-08-07 System Operation
[STarStation 2.0][STarStation 2.3]
1. Place the appropriate alignment tool in a microtitre plate

For round bottomed or V-bottom wells use one sphere

For flat bottom or filter-bottom wells use 3 discs (approx. 30µl dead volume)

2. Display the STarStation Instrument Controls

3. Select the Control Tab and Click the Eject button.

4. Replace the Plate on the XY Platform plate holder and click the Retract button.

5. Select the well in which the alignment discs or sphere was placed and click the Move to Well button.

6. It may be necessary to remove the light housing located above the sample probe to allow access to the sample probe assembly.

7. Loosen the probe adjustment screw. This will loosen the probe in the probe holder.

8. Temporarily hold the door of the XY platform open.
CAUTION, do not place hands inside the XYP, beyond the entrance to the XYP plate carriage and keep face well away from the XYP entrance also.

9. On the Instrument Controls dialog, click the Probe Down button. Note the probe down button will only be activated if the probe is actually over a well on the plate.

10. Gently push the probe down until it is resting on the alignment tool.

11. Tighten the locking screw.

12. Operate the Probe Up and Probe Down buttons several times to check the alignment within the probe guide and that the probe height set is correct. Ensure that the plate does not bounce or plunge by looking through the XY plate door. Ensure smooth operation of the probe within the probe guide.

13. Click the Probe Up button and then click on the Eject button to remove the Plate.

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