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Our Journey: a word from our CEO

Photograph of the Applied Cytometry Staff Team

I began designing flow cytometry analysis software in the early 1990’s for a friend that ran a core facility. At that time there wasn’t really any flow cytometry analysis software on the market.

After this I began working with a variety of flow cytometry companies, such as Beckman Coulter creating high-speed data acquisition software until the mid-2000s.

The Applied Cytometry team formed in 1993 and have been together since. However, it wasn’t until 2012 that Applied Cytometry became an official organisation. 

An average year of business for AC consists of working on business-to-business contracts and developing our own solutions.

My favourite part of the work we do here is presenting our finished products to customers especially when we receive positive feedback.

The culture here at AC is very collegial; everyone working for the company is valued and treated with the same respect.

AC has patented a lot of new technology, but for me the most fulfilling aspect of the job has been rolling out software fit for clinical diagnosis with FDA approval. 

The future of flow cytometry is finding faster and more inexpensive ways to analyse lots of data so we are focusing our efforts on creating  cloud-based solutions to help speed-up high density data processing.

The future of technology in general is moving towards software on any device- anytime, anyplace, anywhere which is why I believe focusing on cloud-based solutions will help keep flow cytometry moving with the times.


Tony Burpee

Meet Our Team


Tony Burpee, CEO

Born in the North West of England, Tony has co-founded many companies, some were even successful! He is a big believer in people and their ability to do new and interesting things. Tony trained as a biochemist and has spent the last 30 years managing people internationally.


Alyssa Parr, Senior Customer Accounts Manager

My role has developed within Applied Cytometry from working on improving our compliance focused product Jomo247 to supporting our whole cytometry suite. I’m passionate about this exciting field of research and how our products can support the scientists and researchers who work within it. I represent the customer now for most of our products and drive our marketing and development to ensure we keep making the products and services needed to support you.


Jo Crofts, Product Specialist

I am a flow cytometry specialist within the company and I look after the needs and requirements of the customer, ensuring the software we create is designed specifically with the customer in mind for the best user experience. I am also part of our sales and customer relations team, you will generally find me on our stand at conferences and meetings so please come and say hi!

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Erin Irons, Customer Accounts Manager

Since joining AC as a undergraduate I have been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to learn all about the fascinating world of flow cytometry whilst also growing my skills within the company; I even got to go to my first CYTO in Philadelphia! My goal is to help Applied Cytometry grow its online presence as a quality provider of flow cytometry analysis tools through creative marketing efforts. I also work closely supporting customer enquiries.