Applied Cytometry is a leader in flow cytometry data analysis, with 20 years experience of designing and developing software. This includes being a third party supplier to some of the major healthcare companies and leading suppliers of cytometers, as well as developing and supplying our own innovative software.



Applied Cytometry’s mission is to improve large data management, optimising performance in key software applications.

To help researchers who are using flow cytometry to make scientific discoveries through our commitment to simplifying and accelerating data analysis of data from flow cytometers.

Flow cytometry data analysis software

Our Dedication to Flow Cytometry

We are dedicated to improving flow cytometry data analysis through speeding up the process from flow cytometer to results.

We know how important your analysis is to you, and how crucial fast, effective, flexible it needs to be for your research, discoveries, and diagnoses.

This is why our full suite of flow cytometry analysis tools have been designed to give you full functionality of all your data, in any way that you choose.


  • “The speed of VenturiOne® enables us to do things that were previously not possible – We love it!” “Our current bottle neck is speed of analysis, it literally takes us hours. We ran our files on VenturiOne® and it ran more than 10 times faster. It was amazing.”

    Dr. Albert Donnenberg University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Director of the Flow Cytometry Facility
  • “We needed a way to analyse hundreds of plates worth of flow cytometry data in an ongoing process, the solution needed to be simple to use and fast to minimise technician time used. The Applied Cytometry scheduling software Commander teamed with their VenturiOne analysis software has met and exceeded our expectations, taking a few minutes to analyse 9 x 384 well plates and export the data to CSV files. Applied Cytometry have worked closely with us to make sure the solution is ideal for our needs and been on hand to answer our questions. I would recommend the Applied Cytometry solution for high throughput scheduling and analysis”

    Rob Jepras GSK London
  • “VenturiOne® – the best data exploration tool available” “The latest flow cytometry instruments allow a higher number of parameters to be collected on a large number of cells, however the native software struggles to analyse the data. VenturiOne® having an innovative preview display of all parameters allows easy extensive exploration of the data, with point and click gating and powerful colour eventing all updating in real time.”

    Dr. Vera Donnenberg Director of Basic Research Heart, Lung and Oesophageal Surgery Institute at the University of Pittsburgh
  • “I regularly use VenturiOne® for my data analysis and find it to be refreshingly user-friendly and intuitive. The software displays data very clearly and comprehensibly, and as the interface is similar to Office 2007 I find it easy to explore and use without the need for a manual. If you haven’t done so already, I would recommend that you give this new software a try”.

    Dr Rebecca Stewart Flow Cytometry Specialist, North East Stem Cell Institute, UK



Whether you are conducting academic research, involved in clinical research, manage a core flow laboratory, responsible for research or drug discovery within a pharmaceutical company or looking to partner with us, our expertise in flow cytometry and “Big Data” domains ensures you can be confident that we are a trusted supplier and our software works first time, every time and provides results you can rely on.


Our commitment to quality is central to our business success. We design and develop our software according to international standards and are ISO9001 accredited.


Applied Cytometry is the trading name of Coriana Enterprises Ltd, registered in the UK, company registration number 8039712 and is ISO9001 registered.

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