Flow Cytometry Blog Posts

Our flow cytometry blog covers a range of topics. You can:

  • See case studies of our flagship software VenturiOne.
  • Read engaging discussions about emerging topics in the cytometry community.
  • Find answers to the flow cytometry questions you have been asking.

Applied Cytometry prides itself on being a leader in flow cytometry data analysis software.

To do this we need to ensure that we as a business are up-to-date with everything that is going on in the flow cytometry world.

Find out about spectral cytometry, the reliability of AI in analysis, and more in our posts.

This flow cytometry blog is an expression of our team’s insights, opinions, and interests and is created for you to enjoy.


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VenturiOne Tutorials

Our VenturiOne tutorials will help you get to grips with our flagship flow cytometry data analysis software, suitable for FCS files, and is compatible with both Windows 10 and MacOS.

Regular feedback we hear from our customers:

  • It is easy to use with the Windows style interface
  • The ability to manipulate your onscreen workspace to only see the plots you need to is really useful.
  • The compensation tools which bring all your data back on plot are amazing!

To find out more about VenturiOne as well as download the free trial, please go here.



Other Tutorials

Here are the rest of our tutorials for other products that can be used in conjunction with VenturiOne to improve your flow cytometry data analysis experience.

  • CytoSwarm allows you to run your data through numerous algorithms (e.g. FlowSOM, t-SNE, uMAP, and more) to be able to interpret your flow cytometry data the way you want to.
  • CytoBee allows you to efficiently manage your FCS files locally.
  • Commander enables you to schedule the processing of multiple FCS data folders sequentially to make high dimensional processing much faster.