FCS Data Analysis Software: 5 Things To Look Out For



1. Speed of Processing

The data from your flow cytometer about each cell in your sample is immense. The time taken to process this data into interpretable results can vary between different FCS data analysis software products.

The quicker your data processes, the quicker you can continue on with your work, improving productivity and time management.

2. Data input type

If you are looking specifically for an FCS data analysis software, you need to ensure the software you choose has FCS compatibility, as well as any other file types you may need to analyse.

3. Algorithm

Different software products offer different algorithms. Many offer the option to input or plugin your own algorithm to interpret the data. You need to ensure the software you are looking at purchasing offers the algorithms you will need for your data.

4. Plot types available

Histograms? Dot plots? Two-dimensional or multi-variate? Heatmaps? These are all examples of ways to display your data to allow interpretation of its results.

5. Plugins

Some software options allow you to use plugins such as R, Python, or Central Exchange to integrate data across sources without complex coding issues.



Our FCS Data Analysis Software: VenturiOne

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Speed of VenturiOne’s FCS data analysis software

Batch processing allows automatic analysis of up to 400 files, and you can modify analysis individually or globally.

You can also utilise our optional Commander Scheduling Software to parallel batch process plate-based FCS data.

What Data Input is Offered?

VenturiOne offers full compatibility with any flow cytometer. 3.0 or 3.1 FCS file versions can be used.

VenturiOne flow cytometry data analysis software also offers DNA cell cycle analysis using the industry standard Watson pragmatic algorithm.

Algorithms Available in Conjunction with CytoSwarm

When used in conjunction with CytoSwarm, our cloud-based algorithm engine, you can utilise a number of algorithms including merge, flowclean, flowSOM, concatenate, uMAP, t-SNE and more.

What Plot, Gating, and Parameter Features Does Your FCS Data Analysis Software Offer?

Preview plots give instant visualisation of your data using single and dual parameter plots. These can be shown or hidden according to your preference.

VenturiOne offers single parameter histograms, dual parameter dot plots, cell cycle plots, and overlay plots.

AutoGating allows automatic contour and elliptical region positioning of your data.

You are able to customise region sensitivities, and your plots automatically reposition if data changes during gating and compensation adjustments.

HyperLog Sliders allow you to set different values for each parameter. Use them on plot sliders to easily adjust Linearity and zero position

Reporting Your Data Findings with VenturiOne

You can customise the presentation of your data and results for reports, presentations, and publications with VenturiOne FCS data analysis software.

Our custom field feature allows for custom calculations and rules in your reports. Furthermore, customisable formatting and editing of plots is available, including histogram smoothing.

Your results can be displayed in publication ready images. You can simply copy and paste, or export plots to other applications e.g. MS PowerPoint.

Plot images can be saved as BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF or PNG files, and reports can be exported in full to PowerPoint.

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