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Hi, my name is Jo Crofts. Welcome to the Applied Cytometry flow cytometry software VenturiOne. We’ve recorded some tutorials to help you get started using the software. To get the most out of the software, the tutorials are designed to be used alongside the getting started guide and the operation manual. You will find these at the website below.

Autogating your flow cytometry data with VenturiOne

VenturiOne allows you to create two types of autogate. You can create an elliptical autogate or a contour rotorgate. When you create an autogate you select the autogate type that you want and then click and drag out an area in which the system can look for a peak. If the peak is outside of the selection area on any sample, an automatic region will not be drawn and you will get the default region shape.

When an automatic region has been drawn, if you want a tighter or a looser region, highlight the region and select the region format tab on the ribbon. You can use the presets here to increase or decrease the size of the automatic region. Here, you can also customize your own autogate settings where you can change the density level and the resolution of the underlying data.

You can also set a minimum number of events that must be present within the region for an autogate to be successfully created. If there are less than the number of events that you’ve stated, the default region is displayed.

The autogate position will be updated every time you apply a workspace to a sample or load an FCS file into the current workspace. If you apply the current workspace to multiple files, the system will automatically gate using the same parameters that you selected in the current sample. So, as you scroll through the different samples, you can see that the autogate is automatically set for each sample.

If you want to change autogate type, select the region, and from the region format tab, select the contour gate, or one of the fixed format regions. To apply that new region to all samples,
right click over the workspace cell and select apply to playlist. If you turn the autogating off, it will leave the region in its current place and will no longer autogate.

If you choose reset, the system will show you the default search area that you set originally so, if necessary, you can change that search area. After you have changed the search area remember to switch on the autogate, and if needed, remember to apply the workspace to the playlist.

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