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Allow Derek Davies and his team of experts to provide you with a comprehensive theoretical and practical foundation in Flow Cytometry.

Expand your Flow Cytometry knowledge and become more confident in the accuracy of your experiments.


The Fundamentals of Flow Cytometry

A comprehensive online face-to-face course spread over 2 half days, led by Derek Davies and his team of global experts. Get your ticket now for only £150. 

Upcoming Events

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The Fundamentals of Flow Cytometry with Aja Rieger (18/19th June 2024)

Tuesday June 18, 2024


Wednesday June 19, 2024
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The Fundamentals of Flow Cytometry with Kathy Daniels (25/26th June 2024)

Tuesday June 25, 2024


Wednesday June 26, 2024
Simon Monard Course banner 2

The Fundamentals of Flow Cytometry with Simon Monard (2/3rd July 2024)

Tuesday July 2, 2024


Wednesday July 3, 2024
Rosie Course 2

The Fundamentals of Flow with Rosie Clarke (9/10th July 2024)

Tuesday July 9, 2024


Wednesday July 10, 2024
Aja Course 2

The Fundamentals of Flow Cytometry with Aja Rieger (16/17th July 2024)

Tuesday July 16, 2024


Wednesday July 17, 2024
Kathy course banner 2

The Fundamentals of Flow Cytometry with Kathy Daniels (23/24th July 2024)

Tuesday July 23, 2024


Wednesday July 24, 2024
Simon Monard Course banner 3

The Fundamentals of Flow Cytometry with Simon Monard (30/31st July 2024)

Tuesday July 30, 2024


Wednesday July 31, 2024
Rosie Course 3

The Fundamentals of Flow with Rosie Clarke (6-7th August 2024)

Tuesday August 6, 2024


Wednesday August 7, 2024
Aja Course 3

The Fundamentals of Flow Cytometry with Aja Rieger (13/14th Aug 2024)

Tuesday August 13, 2024


Wednesday August 14, 2024
Kathy course banner 3

The Fundamentals of Flow Cytometry with Kathy Daniels (20/21st Aug 2024)

Tuesday August 20, 2024


Wednesday August 21, 2024
Simon Monard Course banner 4

The Fundamentals of Flow Cytometry with Simon Monard (27/28th Aug 2024)

Tuesday August 27, 2024


Wednesday August 28, 2024

What is included?

Flow cytometry is a widespread fluorescence-based technique found in many areas of biomedical research. A successful experiment requires knowledge of the reagents used, sample preparation, the cytometer samples are run on and an appreciation of how to analyse and present data.

Curated by Derek Davies the “Fundamentals of Flow Cytometry” course covers all these aspects allowing those new to flow cytometry to become more confident in their experiments. The courses are presented as two half-days and are led by acknowledged experts delivered at convenient times for you.

Session One will cover the theory of fluorescence and the types of fluorochromes that are used in flow cytometry; an in depth look at how a flow cytometer works looking at the fluidics, optics and electronics; and finally we will look at fluorescence compensation, why it is needed and how to successfully perform it.

Session Two concentrates more on the practicalities of a flow cytometry experiment so we will cover experimental design based on the biological question, fluorochromes available and the cytometer to be used. We look at the importance of sample preparation and controls. And finally, we will look at how data can be analysed, presented and published.

Both sessions will include interactive exercises, quizzes and ample opportunity to ask questions

A PowerPoint slide on experimental planning with a cytometer


A profile picture of Derek Davies

Derek Davies, UK

Derek has over 40 years experience in Flow Cytometry. For over 25 years he headed the Core Flow Cytometry Facility at Cancer Research UK’s London Research Institute and then The Francis Crick Institute. He has always been pro-active in training those new to the field and has organised and taught on courses all over the world. He believes that giving a basic understanding of the fundamental principles of flow cytometry are crucial to producing robust and reproducible results.

A profile picture of Aja Rieger

Aja Rieger, CAN

Aja is currently the manager of the Flow Core and the Advanced Cell Exploration Core at the University of Alberta. Her focus and passion has always been teaching. In her current position, she is the point person for flow cytometry education at the University of Alberta, developing content for and teaching a number of University courses. Additionally, she has a series of flow cytometry videos on her YouTube channel (@ajarieger_flow) and is an instructor at the Annual Course in Flow Cytometry.

A profile picture of Rosie Clarke

Rosie Clarke, UK

Rosie is manager of the Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Facility located within the School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee. She has over 30 years experience in flow cytometry and expertise in a range of systems and instrumentation. Rosie is passionate about flow and delights in helping people achieve their research goals by applying this wonderfully powerful technology correctly. She is a bit of a ‘tinkerer’ and enjoys getting into the guts of a machine to find out how it works and fixing it when things go wrong.

A profile picture of Simon Monard

Simon Monard, AUS

Simon is currently the manager of the Flow Cytometry Facility at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research. Simons interests are instrument optimisation,  producing tools to allow easier setup of multicolour experiments such as antibody capture beads and fluorescent protein coupled beads. An ongoing interest is immunocapture of exosomes with a view to analyse then them by flow cytometry and mass spectrometry. The goal is to allow early detection of cancer and inflammatory disease.

A profile picture of Kathy Daniels

Kathy Daniels, USA

Kathy currently serves as the Clinical Biomarker Flow Cytometry Lead at Sana Biotechnology. She has been working in flow cytometry for the past 10 years and is actively involved with the local and international cytometry community. Her goal is to empower researchers through a better understanding of the technology while providing increased open access educational resources to cytometrists worldwide. Kathy is currently the Vice President of MetroFlow and an ISAC SRL Emerging Leader.

Course Logistics

You can now also purchase your tickets by PO. If you are interested, please email us [email protected]

  • Courses will be delivered as two half-day sessions. As we have trainers across the globe, they will be run at appropriate times for your region.
  • Each session will last 3.5 hours and will include a short break and time for questions.
  • Booking is via Eventbrite and is £150 per seat (not including the non-refundable Eventbrite fee).
  • Courses will be limited to a maximum of 25 delegates to ensure maximum interaction.
  • Delegates will be sent materials in advance of the course.

REFUND POLICY: If you are unable to attend a session for any reason, places may be transferred at no extra cost or we can offer a refund for the ticket (not including the non-refundable Eventbrite fees). If you wish to transfer your ticket to a different date please email us directly or obtain a refund, please do so via the Eventbrite website. 

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How to book through Eventbrite

Step 1: The Eventbrite page displays all the important information about the event including the dates, time and description. 

Step 2: Click the “Get Tickets” button  and select the ticket with the corresponding date you wish to attend. Choose the quantity of tickets you wish to buy and then click the “Check Out” button. Please note each ticket includes a non-refundable booking fee. 

Step 3: Fill out your registration information.

Step 4: Agree to Eventbrite’s policy terms. 

Step 5: Place your order. You can be sure the order has gone through when you receive a message of confirmation on the webpage. 

Step 6: Locate your ticket in your order confirmation email. This will also include the link to access the training session. 

Feedback from past Courses

“I really enjoyed this. I have quite a bit of experience in flow but my theoretical knowledge is minimal. Derek explained everything so clearly and simply.”

“As a complete beginner in Flow Cytometry, I found this workshop incredibly helpful.”

“Great seminar, very good selection and presentation of materials. Very interactive and applicable.”

Top Questions about the Courses

We seek to illuminate so you can shine.

Being part of the flow cytometry industry for over 30 years we share your passion about its continuous growth and development. These courses contribute to our community; helping new users begin their cytometry journey whilst freeing up time for core facility staff to focus on innovative research.

No, the course will start from the basics.

We will provide tools that allow interaction with trainers after the courses

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