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Licensing Options to Suit Everyone...

Cloud Based Licensing

ACULA™ from Applied Cytometry

  • Single sign-on licensing ; enables you to access all our products from one account.
  • Access your Applied Cytometry products anytime, anywhere and on any device.
  • Manage billing and users remotely with ease.
  • Buy on a monthly or yearly basis to suit your needs.
  • Try our Free tier: access to all our products with limited monthly usage. Perfect for students, first-timers and providing training.

NEW+ Pool Licenses: Automate your software license management with our new pool licensing system which allows users to simply check out and return available licenses automatically. 

Desktop Based Licensing


  • A physical dongle which can be plugged in to your chosen device- no internet access needed. 
  • Secure permanent licensing with a one-time payment. Receive software updates for no extra charge.
  • Ideal for lab environments dealing with sensitive patient data.

License Key Code: 

  • Linked to a specific device. Just generate and email a license request, we can then send you a license key code file. Receive software updates at no extra charge
  • Faster alternative to the DESkey, as you don’t need to wait for it to be shipped.

We offer special pricing on the purchase of multiple user licenses. We also offer discount to students/academics.

Licensing Q&A

Yes, we offer a free tier, full version of the software that allows you to process up to 30 files every 30 days. The free tier is automatically activated after your 30 day free trial ends. 

Free trials are automatically limited to one per device. However, if you are wishing to claim a free trial on a device that has already been used by a colleague for example, please get in contact. 

Cloud based licensing options will be available for all our products within the next year.

Pricing Options

Perpetual Licensing

A perpetual License is provided by either a DESkey Dongle plugged into your PC or a License Key Code linking your PC to the license. 

Discover our licensing options. 

1 License

3 Licenses

5 Licenses

VenturiOne (USD)

VenturiOne (GBP)







VenturiOne Annual Cloud Based Pool Licenses: >15 Users

A Cloud based license provided by the Applied Cytometry ACULA™ system, allowing you to access your Applied Cytometry products anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Academic Users (We may require evidence of academic status)

Number of User Licenses

Price USD $











Business Users

Number of User Licenses

Price USD $











Want to learn more about our licensing or pricing options?