Analysis scheduling for VenturiOne on one or multiple devices.

Whether you have 100’s or 1000’s of FCS files to analyse, let Commander take control of your data analysis across data folders and even computers


Select unlimited Files across all your data sources for VenturiOne Analysis

Commander can schedule the analysis of FCS files across all of your network.

Distribute your Analysis across VenturiOne Workstations

Commander can spread the files across VenturiOne workstations to analyse large data sets in a timely fashion making it an invaluable tool to HTS laboratories.

Intelligent Batch Analysis

Leverage VenturiOne’s unique automation features to speed through your files and produce the data you need in XML and CSV format for downstream integration.

Top Questions about Commander

Commander will automatically connect devices so long as each device has a unique VenturiOne license.
Commander is ideal for any customer with a large number of data files such as HTS laboratories.
You can schedule an unlimited number of file for analysis.


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