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Local FCS File Management

Create a tailored library of data with custom tags and generate worklists with simple filtering

CytoBee 1.1

Categorise your data with ease

Add limitless custom tags to your files to create your own tailored library of data.

Screenshot showing CytoBee tags feature
Screenshot showing CytoBee playlist creation using diagnosis tag

See the data you want first

Customise the file list by selecting and ordering the columns you want to see, including added tags.

Quickly generate VenturiOne worklists

Search and sort your files for analysis using keywords and even your own custom tags. Export to VenturiOne in a single click.

Screenshot showing CytoBee file selection imposed over VenturiOne
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Take your data management to the next level with Jomo247

Once files have been tagged, share and store them easily with our workflow management software Jomo247.

CytoBee 1.1

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