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A laptop showing a FlowSom cluster tree and high dimensional cluster data analysis from CytoSwarm in VenturiOne
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Super fast cloud based high dimensional analysis.

Run your data through the latest algorithmic processes without taking up any of your PC’s resources.

CytoSwarm 1.2

Process data faster in the Cloud

CytoSwarm utilises Cloud processing power enabling R Algorithms to speed through complete data files and deliver back your FCS files with the new parameters added – No need to down sample!

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A screenshot of CytoSwarm showing the different R algorithms you can choose to process your FCS files through including: flowcut, flowsom, merge, split, tsne_multicore, tsneex_multicore and umap

Use algorithms without learning R

CytoSwarm’s simple and friendly interface guides you through complex analysis without any programming required. Queue analysis of your files in a matter of minutes.

Delve deeper with VenturiOne

Use the power of VenturiOne to produce population specific high dimensional parameter plots. VenturiOne’s patented core technology handles even complex data sets easily using a modest computer.

Screenshot showing heirarchies on VenturiOne flow cytometry analysis software
Fully Explore Your Data
A screenshot from VenturiOne showing you can choose which fluorescence, scatter parameters as well as algorithmic data from CytoSwarm to compare against your raw data

Combine algorithmic analysis with your raw data for further investigation.

A screenshot showing a FlowSOM cluster tree generated in CytoSwarm

Using the Discovery Utility freely interact with FlowSOM Tree displays to evaluate marker ontogeny.

A screenshot showing high dimensional clusters with gating and colour precedence

Apply gates and utilise colour precedence on high dimensional clusters.

Top Questions about CytoSwarm

We can plug any algorithms into CytoSwarm for your needs. Our base offerings include Concatenate, FlowSOM, t-SNE, uMAP and others.
CytoSwarm produces standard FCS files which can be read by other software.
CytoSwarm runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform,

CytoSwarm 1.2

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