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Fast, Interactive, Simple. Comprehensive Data Analysis on Windows or MAC.

VenturiOne from Applied Cytometry offers a desktop based Flow Cytometry Analysis package with all the features you would expect and a few more you didn’t.

VenturiOne 7.5.1

Built For Speed

Our patented technology tasks each core within your computers CPU enabling you to process bigger data files faster. Handle files containing hundreds of thousands of events on dozens of parameters. Get your results quicker with VenturiOne’s familiar office style ribbon, tools grouped by function and clearly discoverable options.

Data Set showing ribbon Gate hierarchy and tSNEPNG
image of the autocompensation wizard on VenturiOnne

Compensate with confidence

VenturiOne has all the compensation features you need with automatic or real-time on plot tools. Our Auto Compensation wizard sets up single colours and negative controls to build a compensation matrix. Manual compensation is made easy with hyperlog scaling, quadrant regions and interactive or numerical adjustments.


Analyse your Data

Instantly visualise your analysis in one window. Save time with automatic previewing and multiple plot selection. Probe your data thoroughly with colour gating, plot hierarchy and Boolean logic.

Plots showing colour gating

Comprehensive Cell Cycle Analysis

Single button to activate Cell Cycle plot with your analysis. Automatic peak finding to reduce the impact of population drift due to stain concentration changes. Utilises the industry standard Watson Pragmatic model.

Results For Publishing

Comprehensive reports with live plots, statistic tables and user defined fields. Paste multiple plots directly into Powerpoint, High resolution data display with fully editable plot details.

More Unique Tools to Simplify Your Analysis

VenturiOne Playlist

Drag and drop your data files, create your workspace then apply your analysis settings to individual or groups of data files.

VenturiOne Preview Plots

Instantly view all parameters and combinations upon loading a file. Creating gates automatically transforms your preview plots into gated views. Add preview plots to the workspace in 2 clicks.

Multiple Plot Selection

Change Scaling, plot Type, plot Gate and plot Fonts at once!

Top Questions about VenturiOne

FCS files from full spectrum and conventional flow cytometers can be analysed by VenturiOne.
Our innovative ACULA cloud licensing system enables you to analyse your data whenever and wherever you need. Find out what licensing options work for you and your lab.
VenturiOne tasks each core within your computers CPU enabling you to process big data files even on a typical office computer.

VenturiOne 7.5.1

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