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image showing the VenturiOne Interface on a laptop screen

VenturiOne 7.6.1

VenturiOne 7.6.1 New Features

You can find out all about VenturiOne 7.6 on our What’s New Page

VenturiOne 7.6.1 Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where incorrect parameter zoom co-ordinates were used after unzooming a previously zoomed plot then re-initiating a new zoom area on the plot.
  • Fixed a bug in the Custom Fields dialog where the renaming of Field Name, or Calculation Name removed the corresponding Units field value of the same row.
  • Fixed a bug in the Custom Fields dialog where nested calculations and rules were not always calculating correctly preceding clicking Apply or OK.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when creating a gate from a quadrant which contains operators in the region quadrant name.
  • Fixed a crash when switching workspace tabs after creating a Quadrant region that contained an operator in the region name, which is then used in a gate equation via the Edit Gates dialog.
  • Fixed a bug where the application became unresponsive after selecting a different fcs keyword in the Playlist Panel or actioning a New Playlist request before the background calculations had completed on an existing Playlist file.
  • Fixed the bug to ensure the successful exporting of Reports to PDF on Windows 11.
  • Fixed a bug where the exporting of the current Report to PPTX to a non-existent folder was not exporting to the specified folder C:\Users\<current logged in user>\Documents\.
  • Fixed a bug where a partially exported corrupted file was occasionally being created after cancelling on the Export Progress dialog during an Export Report Plots to Image for All Groups.
  • Fixed a bug where the application is unresponsive after cancelling Export Report Plots to Image for All Groups when the Export Progress dialog is displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where cancelling the exporting of Export Report Plots to Image is not actioned.
  • Fixed a defect in the Custom Fields dialog which occured when making changes without clicking apply.
  • Fixed a bug where creating a gate from a quadrant which contains operators caused a crash.
  • Fixed a bug where updating Zoom parameters on a plot did not update the zoom co-ordinates.
  • Updated the Deskey drivers to the latest available on the deskey website.

Previous Releases

VenturiOne 7.5.3 New Features

  • Update statistical reporting on % Gated Statistic on Derived Gates.
  • ACULA Version Integration.
  • Improve synchronization between ACULA and license check.
  • Update the Guide in the installation set.

VenturiOne 7.5.3 Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the Derived Gate’s statistics and plot events were not updating correctly when the Derived Gate’s expanded equation included a Quadrant region, and the expanded equation of that gate has subsequently changed through changing the parent gate of a plot.
  • Fixed issue where the Print Dialog Page Selection – pages radio button was not consistently enabled on the Print dialog when printing Reports
  • Fixed an issue where your ACULA license was not released on exiting the software.