Software Updates

image showing the VenturiOne Interface on a laptop screen

VenturiOne 7.5.3

VenturiOne 7.5.3 New Features

  • Update statistical reporting on % Gated Statistic on Derived Gates.
  • ACULA Version Integration.
  • Improve synchronization between ACULA and license check.
  • Update the Guide in the installation set.

VenturiOne 7.5.3 Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the Derived Gate’s statistics and plot events were not updating correctly when the Derived Gate’s expanded equation included a Quadrant region, and the expanded equation of that gate has subsequently changed through changing the parent gate of a plot.
  • Fixed issue where the Print Dialog Page Selection – pages radio button was not consistently enabled on the Print dialog when printing Reports
  • Fixed an issue where your ACULA license was not released on exiting the software.