Local data file management system. Links to the original unmodified FCS data. File tagging allows easy searching and creation of VenturiOne playlists.

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Local file management

• Files stored to local PC.

File tagging

• User created tags for easy selection/sorting.

Search functionality

• Easy to use search function.

Worklist creation

• Create worklists from a selection of files within CytoBee.
• Directly launch VenturiOne with a defined worklist.
• Export worklist and data files for offline analysis.

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Windows 10


30 Day Trial (PC), One Year


Installation Guide

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CytoBee supports all FCS files and has been tested for use on Windows 10 (64 bit).



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Allow VenturiOne® Software to transform the speed and simplicity of your data analysis. Rapid data analysis. Straightforward, uncomplicated and intuitive. Analyse files from all flow cytometers.

For Windows 10 and mac OS.

venturione flow cytometry data analysis software

Algorithm Processing Engine

Use CytoSwarm software to send your datafiles to the cloud based algorithm engine for processing. Concatenate, FlowSOM, t-SNE, uMAP and others.

cytoswarm flow cytometry data analysis software algorithm processing flowsom

FCS Data File Management

Local data file management system. Links to the original unmodified FCS data. File tagging allows easy searching and creation of VenturiOne playlists.

cytobee flow cytometry data analysis software fcs

Online File Management

Internet or Intranet based CytoBee-Hive can manage files from multiple CytoBee clients Can be integrated with CytoCentral for internet-based storage. Allows incorporation of FCS data into workflow and process management.

cytobee hive flow cytometry data analysis software

Workflow & Process Management

A multi-platform collaborative cytometry data centre held on Amazon AWS system. Allows data workflow and task management anytime, anywhere.

cytocentral flow cytometry data analysis software

High-Throughput Processing

Commander scheduling software allows one or more VenturiOne clients to sequentially process multiple folders of FCS data and export statistics to CSV files. Ideal for high throughput screening.

flow cytometry data analysis software scheduling venturione

translational analysis

Cloud based translational analysis, Integrate exported results from different platforms and incorporate sample and/or patient information. Performs statistical analysis on the integrated data.

incyt247 high dimensional flow cytometry data analysis software statistical analysis


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