A multi-platform collaborative cytometry data centre held on Amazon AWS system. Allows data workflow and task management anytime, anywhere.

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    • Create individual task steps.
    • Store data and documents.
    • Version controlled.
    • Share data.
    • Simplify task management in a single local project or across
    multiple international concurrent projects.

    Workflow Creation

    • CytoCentral allows your team to create workflows for task
    • Generate user designed workflows to fit your own needs.
    • Create multiple tasks.
    • Progress each task step by step.
    • Add notes and make comments.
    • Visually track the progress of every task while auditing each
    and every action.


    • Eye catching Dashboard enables you to monitor multiple tasks
    and deadlines at a glance.


    • Conveniently accessible from phone and tablet as well as
    computer, perfect if you are on the move.

    • Cross platform browser support.

    Team File Share

    • Share files within a team environment.

    External Invite

    • Share Information with external viewers by invitation.
    • Password verified invitation to projects/case studies.
    • Ideal for focus groups, multidisciplinary team meetings or
    external consultation.
    Reflex Notification

    • Receive notifications for upcoming deadlines, or outstanding
    tasks, minimising holdups in workflows.

    Cloud Based Storage

    • Stores data and documents under version control in a Cloud
    based environment.


    • Can be part of a 21CFR11 compliant system.
    • Every action is audited.

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    Windows 10, Windows 7

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    30 Day Trial (PC), One Year


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    Installation Guide

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    Full compatibility with any flow cytometer. Any FCS files can be used, and VenturiOne has been tested for use on Windows 10, 7, and XP. You can save gated FCS files for use with CytoSwarm, our data processing engine software.


    Preview plots allow an instant visualisation of all combinations of parameters in a file, and you can create gated plots with a minimum number of clicks.

    AutoGating allows automatic contour and elliptical region positioning. You are able to customise region sensitivities. Your plots automatically reposition if data changes during gating and compensation processes.

    HyperLog Sliders allow you to set different values for each parameter. Use them on plot sliders to easily adjust Linearity and zero position.

    Versatile compensation methods enable automatic compensation calculations through our compensation wizard tool. You can also manually adjust compensation values, and load them from LMD/FCS file headers

    Batch processing allows automatic analysis of up to 400 files, and you can modify analysis individually or globally.

    You can also utilise our optional Commander Scheduling Software to parallel batch process plate-based FCS data.

    Our zoom tool gives better resolution of populations and aid gating.

    Hierarchy view of plots and Workspace Tabs allow you to instantly view the derivation of complex gating strategies. It also provides a simplified viewing of specifically gated plots.

    VenturiOne flow cytometry data analysis software also offers DNA cell cycle analysis using the industry standard Watson pragmatic algorithm. This gives accurate and simple to understand cell cycle results in one easy click.

    You can customise the presentation of your data and results for reports, presentations and publications. Custom fields allow for custom calculations and rules. Furthermore, customisable formatting and editing of plots is available, including histogram smoothing.

    Full Range


    Allow VenturiOne® Software to transform the speed and simplicity of your data analysis. Rapid data analysis. Straightforward, uncomplicated and intuitive. Analyse files from all flow cytometers.

    For Windows 10 and mac OS.

    venturione fcs flow cytometry data analysis software

    Algorithm Processing Engine

    Use CytoSwarm software to send your datafiles to the cloud based algorithm engine for processing. Concatenate, FlowSOM, t-SNE, uMAP and others.

    cytoswarm Flow cytometry data analysis software

    FCS Data File Management

    Local data file management system. Links to the original unmodified FCS data. File tagging allows easy searching and creation of VenturiOne playlists.

    cytobee Flow cytometry data analysis software

    Workflow & Process Management

    A multi-platform collaborative cytometry data centre held on Amazon AWS system. Allows data workflow and task management anytime, anywhere.

    cytocentral Flow cytometry data analysis software

    High-Throughput Processing

    Commander scheduling software allows one or more VenturiOne clients to sequentially process multiple folders of FCS data and export statistics to CSV files. Ideal for high throughput screening.

    commander Flow cytometry data analysis software


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