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Flexible Licensing

Our Discovery Suite supports your training and research needs.

We offer one to one training and support at your convenience using YOUR data.

With our Discovery Suite streamline your workflow and run your analysis and clustering together using one cloud-based license.

Our Discovery Suite includes:

  • VenturiOne our Flow Cytometry Data Analysis Software
  • CytoSwarm our Algorithm Processing Engine
  • Commander our High Throughput Processing Software
  • CytoBee our FCS File Data Management Program.

Flexible licensing options enables you to use your Applied Cytometry products on any computer:

Manage multiple licenses easily with no dongle required.

Opt for a suite license for all your Discovery Suite products.

Monthly subscriptions available to suit.



Allow VenturiOne® Software to transform the speed and simplicity of your data analysis. Rapid data analysis. Straightforward, uncomplicated and intuitive. Analyse files from all flow cytometers.

Can be used on Mac and PC.

Our patented technology maximises efficiency from your computer’s multi core processors.

Our user-friendly interface utilises this to enable you to analyse data sets of any size and or complexity

With VenturiOne:

  • Visual methods for refining your data, such as drag and drop controls and our innovative HyperLog™ Sliders, along with our helpful wizards, take the hard work out of adjusting your analysis.
  • Automatic Preview Plots, Compensation and Gating empower you to focus on discovery not administration.
  • Save all your plot selections, regions and gates within a workspace for easy reuse of your settings.
  • Visualise multiple algorithm plots and traditional gated plots simultaneously, enabling you to compare your data and validate your interpretation effectively.
  • Back-gate across cluster and standard plots using colour co-ordination to see populations.
  • Enhance your analysis in other applications with versatile exporting features.


With Cytoswarm run complex algorithms on hundreds of samples simultaneously in the AWS cloud, freeing up your device for other tasks.

Algorithms include Concatenate, FlowSOM, t-SNE, uMAP and others.

VenturiOne with Cytoswarm allows you to:

  • Conver the algorithm data produced in CytoSwarm into plots.
  • Preview cluster plot images and define populations of Tree plots.
  • Back gate from standard plots to cluster plots and vice versa using color co-ordination to see populations.
  • Visualize and compare the results of multiple algorithms (FlowSom minimum spanning tree plot, tSNE and UMAP) as well as standard heirachical gated plots simultaneously.

CytoSwarm, together with VenturiOne, bridges the gap between traditional and modern methods, providing confidence in your data interpretation.


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