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VenturiOne®: built for speed and simplicity

VenturiOne® version 7.3 now available

VenturiOne® allows researchers to take a fresh look at off-line flow cytometry data analysis. With the ability to analyse data produced from any cytometer, VenturiOne® has a simple user interface, allowing you to perform fast, simple everyday data analysis and explore the true potential of your data.

VenturiOne® is ideal for:

  • Academic research
  • Clinical research
  • Core flow laboratories
  • Pharmaceuticals

Designed for maximum performance and simplicity of use, in just a few simple clicks researchers can:

  • Preview every combination of parameters instantaneously
  • View a hierarchy of all plots giving an instant picture of every gated plot
  • Perform DNA cell cycle analysis, automatic and manual compensation, gating and generate statistics
  • View 2D & 3D Overlay plots for comparative analysis
  • Analyse 400 data files at once in less than 10 seconds
  • Simple, quick and selectable in-software report generation

VenturiOne® is developed to run on Microsoft Windows 7 or 10 operating systems with 32 or 64 bit processors. Taking full advantage of multi-core processors, it is compatible with data sets produced by even the newest flow cytometers which can capture numerous colours, and millions of samples and events. This means researchers can do far more and achieve results previously unobtainable due to the prohibitive analysis times.