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Colour compensation is usually required whenever two or more fluorochromes are in use, this process can be difficult and time consuming in today’s multi-colour environments. VenturiOne software includes a simple method for automatically calculating compensation coefficients for all your fluorochrome combinations. Compensation settings can be saved and reloaded at any point.

The Compensation tab contains controls for viewing the compensation applied to the currently open FCS file and for computing compensation values.

VenturiOne allows you to obtain the correct compensation for a file in a number of ways. Compensation values can be loaded from the FCS file header values (if the values were stored with the file). You can also calculate the compensation within the VenturiOne software using the Compensation Wizard and save these calculated values for future use.

By default the software will automatically load compensation values from the listmode file header.

The status of the compensation settings of the current file is displayed in the status bar.

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