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Easy to Use Interface


The VenturiOne® user interface is designed for ease of use; actions are grouped by function and options are more discoverable. The VenturiOne® user interface employs the latest Office 2010 look and feel. Microsoft has designed this new user interface to make things easy to find.


The Ribbon is the area at the top of the VenturiOne Application Window that presents an easy-to-browse main set of commands for the VenturiOne software. Commands are organized in logical groups that are collected together under tabs. To reduce clutter, some tabs are shown only when needed.


File Menu


At the top left corner of the application is the File button button, which displays the File Menu:


The File Menu provides you with options to:

  • Open a saved workspace file
  • Open a new or saved playlist file
  • Open an LMD or compensation file
  • Save a playlist, workspace or compensation file
  • Print
  • View the Print Preview and Print Setup
  • Export VenturiOne playlists
  • View and/or open Recent Documents
  • View listmode file keywords
  • Access the VenturiOne Options dialog to set system default options.


VenturiOne® Application Window

The VenturiOne® workspace is split into three areas; a previews area, a playlist panel and a plots area.


The screen shot above shows the VenturiOne® application window in gallery view.


  1. Playlist Panel


The Playlist Panel allows you to select multiple files for simultaneous analysis; files can be re-ordered and workspace and compensation files applied to each file as desired.


Key features include;

  • Add up to 400 LMD files for analysis
  • Re-order LMD files as required
  • Associate each LMD file with Workspace and Compensation files
  • Group files together for easy reporting



  1. Previews Area


On opening an LMD file, VenturiOne® automatically lays out preview plots of all the parameters. This provides a fast and easy approach to the creation of plots for analysis. VenturiOne® allows users to create plots by looking at the data, rather than having to create the plot then look at the data. It is the speed of VenturiOne® that permits visualisation of all the parameters against each other. Manual compensation can be performed in the previews, just drag a population to adjust its compensation and it updates in real time!


The gating of the Preview automatically updates depending on plot or region selection.

Key features include:

  • Preview of all parameters against each other
  • Can be gated
  • Display as density, colour precedence or precedence density plots
  • Automatically calculate or manually adjust compensation



  1. Plots Area


The Plots area displays selected plots and allows you to draw regions create gating and calculate results.

Key features include:

  • Display of selected plots of interest in either gallery of hierarchy view
  • DNA cell cycle analysis
  • Select plots to overlay for comparative analysis between files
  • Plots are colour coded to indicate gating
  • Tracking feature to link regions on other plots that display the same parameter
  • Y-Axis scaling of histograms for optimal plot viewing
  • Format plots to copy and paste into other application
  • Adjust HyperLog settings using on plot sliders

All plot selections, regions and gates can be saved within a workspace allowing easy reuse of all settings.