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Results, Statistics, Exporting & Printing


The results table in VenturiOne® allows you to group your results by simply dragging and dropping columns. This is a multi-level display so you can create sub groups from here. The generated results table can be customized to display the statistics of choice. Each column within the results table represents a different attribute of a result. Each created region or Quadrant created in the workspace generates a results row in the table.




Exporting & Printing


Getting the results out of software and into publication is important. VenturiOne® has superb high quality image export and it is just so simple to use; you just copy and paste into PowerPoint, Word or your desired software package and the plots will be there. If you scale them up, they continue to look good. You don t have to crop the plots and add your own labels to make it look good in a paper. It already does. VenturiOne® can also put out results into CSV files, with a variety of formats for the tables. In addition VenturiOne® has XML export of statistics, which gives the ultimate flexibility in working with your other software or systems.


Key features include:


  • High quality image export
  • Export results to CSV files
  • Export results to XML files


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