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Multi-core and 64 Bit Technology


VenturiOne® uses the latest software and multi-core hardware technologies to create an extreme system.


VenturiOne® is compatible with 32 and 64 bit processors.


Why 64bit?


  • Higher end computers are now using 64bit processors, these systems run on their own version of Windows XP (or Windows Vista). This requires special design and implementation to support fully. VenturiOne® has been created with this in mind.
  • The 64 bit operating systems will run older 32bit applications but software which fully supports 64bit systems will run faster.
  • These 64bit system processors can access much more data. 32 bit processors are limited to only 4GB and 32 bit programs typically only get to use 2GB of that.
  • As the 64bit environment takes over, less development will happen in the 32bit sector. VenturiOne® is thus already poised to take advantages of further developments in the 64 bit arena while maintaining compatibility with the 32bit market


By using US patent pending techniques we are able to optimise the use of multiple processors. Whether running on a 64 or 32 bit system, on single or multi-core systems VenturiOne® is designed to make maximum use of the hardware available and will analyse data faster than any other currently available cytometry software.




VenturiOne® is designed to be multi-core from the ground up, to make full use of the new generation of processors. Multi-core processors are now becoming more mainstream. They are processors that contain multiple CPUs, and they can execute different tasks in parallel. Intel have the Core 2 processors, AMD have the Opteron and Athlon 64 processors. Right now these are mainly dual core processors, though both Intel and AMD have quad core systems available.


The challenge for software is to be able to make full use of all the core processors. Software used to be able to count on increasing clock speeds to enable it run faster. This is no longer feasible. To take full advantage of all of the core processors, the software has to be specifically designed. This also provides the capability of the software to increase with the development of computer technology.


Why do we need to use this high technology to increase speed? So we can access more data!


  • Larger Files
  • Many files at any one time


For applications such as:


  • Multiple colour analysis; more colours mean more events to get to a statistically significant population, which means much bigger data files.
  • Multiple file analysis; for large population study, you may need to have open and loaded many files at one time and have the ability to switch between them.


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