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An image showing data plot hierarchies in VenturiOne

With the power and flexibility to handle mega parameter, high dimensional data from all cytometers VenturiOne from Applied Cytometry offers a desktop-based Flow Cytometry Analysis package with all the features you would expect and a few more you didn’t.

A stem cell count report with density plots created using VenturiOne

Make patient panel based comprehensive reports with live plots, statistic tables and user defined fields.

An image showing spectral data in VenturiOne taken from a SONY ID7000

Quickly review spectra and save gated files for unmixing in Applied Cytometry’s CytoSwarm Algorithm package

Flow Cytometry Training Courses

Allow Derek Davies and his worldwide team of experts to provide you with a comprehensive theoretical and practical foundation in Flow Cytometry.

Claim your extended 3-month free trial of VenturiOne and Cytoswarm