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Spectral analysis data handling

Save your cytometer time by running your spectral data analysis offline.

Supported Instruments: ID 7000, Cytek Aurora, Bigfoot. As well as non-spectral cytometers.

Easily Analyse files with many fluorescence detectors

Don’t let the size of your files slow down your analysis. VenturiOne has the power to process detector heavy experiments.

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Reporting Tools: Enhanced Custom Fields

Enhance the power and sophistication of  your patient reports by creating calculations using data values and FCS keywords, as well as input constants such as absolute counts.

Aid decision making by embedding rules for calculation results.

Create new data tables in your report

Summarise all your results in VenturiOne’s new data table.

Data tables can include FCS Keywords as well as runtime, calculated and rule based results.

To help speed up analysis data tables will automatically update upon loading of FCS files.

Easily share your data table with a single click.


Export your analysis in one simple click

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Additional new features...

license portal

Floating Licenses

Manage licenses between users easily with our simple floating license manager

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Up to 6 FCS Keywords

Easily recognize your data. Display up to 6 FCS Keywords for each file in the file playlist

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Living breathing reports

Reports can contain static parts such as titles and dynamic parts like results from each run with comment fields which clear with every new patient

Top questions about VenturiOne 7.6

VenturiOne 7.6 is available to download now either below or on the VenturiOne Product Page.

To upgrade as an existing user just download and install the new VenturiOne 7.6 version to your desktop. Your existing license will be carried over automatically. 

Yes. If you download VenturiOne it will be the new 7.6 version. Older versions are available to download by request.